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SexArt – Stay Together Part 2 With Nick Ross & Matt Ice & Lilly Bella & Katarina Rina Product ID 20210602


Gorgeous girlfriends Katarina Rina and Lilly Bella stroll through the harbour on the sunny island of Tenerife, kissing and hugging playfully. As part two of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Stay Together” begins, they head in separate directions and Katarina gets chatting to handsome local Nick Ross. They share a passionate kiss on the beach at sunset; on a date the following day, Katarina sneaks Nick into the vacation villa she’s sharing with Lilly. Rushing to the bedroom, they kiss hungrily as they undress each other, Nick fondling Katarina’s voluptuous body attentively, then making her gasp as he penetrates her in missionary. She rocks her hips to meet his thrusts as he strums her clit, her big breasts jiggling through her intense orgasm. Moving into spoons, Nick fucks Katarina steadily, giving her another powerful climax. Her moans drown out the sound of Lilly returning home, and the lovers are so wrapped up in each other they don’t even notice when the cute blonde catches sight of them through the open door. Katarina orgasms again as Nick fills her pussy with a creamy load that seeps out as they cuddle through the afterglow.
Cast:Nick Ross & Matt Ice & Lilly Bella & Katarina Rina
Director:Andrej Lupin
Released:Jun 02, 2021
Executive Producer:MetArt Films
Producer:Ariel Piper Fawn
Camera Operator:John Sweet, John Humble
Still Photographer:Jane K
Editor:John Sweet
Production Manager:Lucy Licott

Date: December 13, 2021

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