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SexArt – Get You With Jesus Reyes & Luna Truelove Product ID 20210711


Cute Luna Truelove licks Jesus Reyes’ feet playfully, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Get You” begins. The petite Asian sweetie gazes at her man as she sucks his toes, then rubs them against her panties as she kisses her way up to his lips and back down to his bulging crotch. Freeing his big black cock from his shorts, Luna licks and sucks it eagerly, her cheeks hollowing and fingers circling his thick shaft. Getting naked, Luna straddles Jesus and skewers herself on his erection, gasping with pleasure as she sinks all the way down on it and then rides it hard. Her curvy ass bounces in his lap as they slam together until a powerful orgasm tears through her trembling body. She flips onto her back and Jesus eats her pussy, before penetrating her again in missionary. He fucks her with vigorous strokes, her toes in his mouth now and her fingers on her clit as he drives her to another intense climax and fills her with his hot cum, their intimate connection so adorably sexy.
Cast:Jesus Reyes & Luna Truelove
Director:Andrej Lupin
Released:Jul 11, 2021
Executive Producer:MetArt Films
Producer:Ariel Piper Fawn
Camera Operator:John Humble, John Sweet
Still Photographer:David Jones
Editor:Adele Hollis
Makeup Artist:Nica MUA
Production Manager:Lucy Licott

Date: December 12, 2021

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