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SexArt – Black Revolver With Alice Crowley Product ID 20210915


Sexy platinum blonde Alice Crowley is tearing newspaper compulsively, as maverick auteur Paul Black’s erotic movie “Black Revolver” begins. Trembling, she rips open her jeans with the aid of a kitchen knife, lips parted in a gasp of arousal. She takes a vibrator from a drawer and strokes it against her visibly wet pussy, then plunges it inside, her shaved lips hugging it tightly. The toy is smeared with her cream as she pulls it out and slides it back in, slapping it against her clit and thrusting it deeper each time. In her other hand she clasps a gun, her finger on the trigger. Bucking her hips, she fucks herself harder, the sticky sounds of her pleasure audible over the buzzing of the vibrator. She masturbates more and more frantically, the music reaching a crescendo along with her intense orgasm.
Cast:Alice Crowley
Director:Paul Black
Released:Sep 15, 2021
Executive Producer:MetArt Films

Date: December 9, 2021
Actors: Alice Crowley

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