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SexArt – Behold The Beauty With Deny Lou & Moona Snake Product ID 20210829


Cute Moona Snake puts on a seductive show for Deny Lou as he watches her through the glass wall of their bedroom, while trying to concentrate on a business call. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Behold The Beauty” begins, the playful brunette runs her hands over her sexy body, taking off her bra to bare her gorgeous breasts and sliding a hand into her panties. She loses patience, snatching Deny’s phone from his hand and silencing him with a finger to his lips, then straddling his lap as she kisses him passionately. She kneels to take his rigid cock in her mouth, sliding her lips up and down the thick shaft greedily. Moving astride Deny again, Moona starts to ride him in cowgirl, her curvy bubble butt rippling as she bounces in his lap. She spins around into reverse cowgirl, wave after wave of orgasm wracking her body as they slam together, his fingers strumming her clit to drive her wild. Deny carries Moona to the bed, eating her shaved pussy before thrusting into her in missionary, making her climax again as he cums inside her.
Cast:Deny Lou & Moona Snake
Director:Andrej Lupin
Released:Aug 29, 2021
Executive Producer:MetArt Films
Producer:Ariel Piper Fawn
Camera Operator:John Humble, John Sweet
Still Photographer:David Jones
Editor:John Sweet
Makeup Artist:Nica MUA
Production Manager:Lucy Licott
Production Assistant:Jacob Piece

Date: December 10, 2021
Actors: Deny Lou / Moona Snake

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